Sunday, July 28, 2013

驚喜合唱 101 Flash Mob Chorus in Taipei 101, Taiwan


Friday, December 02, 2011


我们一家子搬迁回新加坡已经有四个月了。善乐目前在Kinderland at Woodlands Civic Centre 上幼儿班也在Bridge Learning 接受会话辅导。比起半年前的他,现在的善乐可是比较多话了。但还需要多加努力才可以应付小一程度。还有一年的时间他应该能够赶上。奕云现在仍然是全职家庭主妇。照顾善乐和督促他的学习和课业的责任就在她肩上。而我就照样专心的工作,赚钱养家!我在总部的职责为首的是招募和我同类,从理工学院毕业的外交行政专员(Foreign Service Administration Specialist)。过了三个多月的努力,现在已经算是进入状况了。在未来的两三年内,希望可以有所成就,留下有用和牢固的流程及系统。以下就分享一些我们回国之后所拍下的照片。

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Final Family Vacation in Egypt - Bahariya Oasis

It's the beginning of summer in Egypt and I have one last slot to go for a family vacation before we bid farewell to Egypt after our three long years in Cairo.  I thought of going to Taba or Dahab in Sinai but it's not quite safe lately over there since the revolution.  We have seen enough of the beaches and we did the Nile Cruise as well.  Where shall we go?

After much thought, I decided to bring Irene and Le Le to the Bahariya Oasis and sleep under the open sky in the White Desert.  I have been there once (see here) and I must say that it was one of the most exceptional places I have been in my life.  We could go to beaches anytime  anywhere but there may not be another chance ever for us to visit the White Desert again.

Le Le enjoyed playing with the sand all day long but Irene was a little uncomfortable sleeping over in the desert for two days without proper toilets and all the creature comfort.  On the last day of the 4D3N trip, we stayed at the International Hot Spring Hotel in Bahariya, which is a simple and nice place run by a German with his Japanese wife.  Unfortunately, they were away in Germany during our trip and we did not have the opportunity to meet them.
Here is the photo album to share!

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