Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dancing and Shaking

An interesting video to share. Our boy Shanle dancing and shaking away, having a whole lot of fun. This video is taken just hours after his fever has subsided. What a speedy recovery!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I Bought a Sony Ericsson P1i

After having a Nokia user for over five years, I finally switched my loyalty and bought a Sony Ericsson P1i today.

I have been thinking about getting a PDA or a smartphone for many years. My last PDA was a Handspring, bought in 2001. There are many reasons why I chose a smartphone over PDA. The obvious is the size. I wanted a phone more than a PDA.
Before I bought P1i, I have looked at smartphone/PDA of almost every major brand you can name - Nokia N90, Samsung i600, Dopod 838 Pro, HPs, HTC Touch and many more. In the end, I find P1i the best fit for my needs.

First, I wanted a good camera and P1i offered 3.2 megapixels with auto focus, which also double up as a business card scanner. The scan-convert to contact info is not perfect but it's really quite smart.

Second, I wanted a smartphone with apps to read and edit office documents. P1i comes with Quick Office and PDF+.

Third, as I am unable to decide my most preferred input method, P1i offered both stylus and QWERTY with the phone keypad intact. The QWERTY keys may be a bit difficult for heavy typing but I guess I can adapt with time. Anyway, I am not expecting to do a lot of typing using my phone.

All in all, P1i satisfy my needs well. It looks good and does not feel too bulky like PDAs. It may not be as stylish as its closet rival in my heart - Samsung i600, but it certainly beats the latter's pathetic 1.3 megapixels hands down.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Learning to Walk The Hard Way

Our boy Shanle is now learning to walk on his own with the support of a sofa. But his over zealous steps gave him a painful lesson in the end.

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