Sunday, October 08, 2006

This Space is for my friends 為朋友們而設的'基礎空間'

This Space is for my friends.

Living a nomadic lifestyle, I have more friendships than the time I have to nurture them. I hope to keep my friends abreast of my life, share my photo albums, videos and the little things happening along the way before we next meet.

這空間是為朋友而設的. 過著飄泊不定的生活,所累積的友誼比我能夠交心的時間還多. 希望可以通過這空間和朋友們保持聯系.

I was known by different names at the different stages of my life. I was known as "Jichu" (基礎) since I was kid till I graduated from secondary school. I was known as "Jeffrey" in my polytechnic days and "KC" in my army days. Since I ORD from the National Service, I have been using my first name "Kee Chor", until today.

我在人生中的不同階段有不同的名字. 在中學之前,大家都叫我基礎(JICHU). 理工學院期間,我是JEFFREY. 當兵服役時我就叫做KC. 自從退役后,我就開始用 KEE CHOR, 我身份證上的名字.

For the information of long-lost friends who bumped into this space, I am happily married. My wife, Irene, is carrying our first baby boy while I am blogging away. Our baby should be due on 28 October 2006. If you want to know more, I have some included links to my wedding homepage and videos in this Space for your leisure surfing. I am currently working for the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). I have been posted to Phnom Penh and Taiwan since I joined the Ministry in Feb 2000. Take your time to browse through the photo albums here. I will upload more photos along the way.

如果你是我失散多年的朋友,我想法讓你知道一些我的近況. 我結婚了. 我妻子,奕雲, 現今正懷著我們的第一個男寶寶,預計今年十月二十八日出生. 如果你想知道更多,你可以遊覽我的婚姻網址還有這空間所連接的影片. 我現今就任於新加坡外交部總部. 自從在2000年二月加入后,我曾經外派到金邊和台北. 這裡也有電子相片供大家觀賞. 未來的日子里,我會上載更多相片.

As I slowly learn to become a father, I will have lesser time for my friends. I am a typical Cancer, home-loving creature, who spend more time with my family. As I move where my job takes me, I will make more and more friends from around the world. At the same time, my list of long-lost friends will also grow longer . It is my hope, with the help of this Space, to find all my long-lost friends and stay in touch with all my friends.

就當我慢慢的學習如何當個父親,我能騰出來的時間會相對的減少. 我是個標準的巨蟹座. 顧家的我會自然的花多點時間在家人上. 在我四海為家的打拚時,朋友會不斷增加,失散的朋友也會更多. 我希望通過這空間找尋我失散的朋友,並且與所有的朋友保持聯系.

If you are a friend of mine, I welcome you to leave your words here. Thanks!

如果你是我的朋友之一,我歡迎你在此留言. 謝謝!

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