Monday, October 09, 2006

Wedding of Karyn and Lawrence

I attended Karyn and Lawrence's wedding yesterday evening at the Beaufort Sentosa. The solemnisation was played out in a backdrop of the setting sun. The sky was bluish red. Thank goodness the haze lifted and the PSI was down to around 40 from the 150 mark the day before. Otherwise, all of us may have to be issued masks as a wedding gift!

I knew the two of them during my posting in Taipei. But I only knew about their long long courtship of nine years at their wedding yesterday. Nine Years! I have to take my hats off to them for sticking together these long years, peppered with frequent trips, relocations and time apart. My message to them, which I wrote in their wedding book for well wishers, is "Have kids, the more the merrier!" I am looking forward for a kids gathering with our ex-SAROC gang... the second generation...

It was a fun wedding... I was glad that Irene and I did not have to go through the same 'tests': smelling out the right hubby, passing bananas through the pants or lap dancing. I was lucky! Fortunately or unfortunately, Irene was not there. She may have missed the fun, but I would worried if she could take it, late in her pregnancy, the non-stop laughing during the games.

Thanks to Karyn and Lawrence for the great time. Sorry that I had to leave early as I got a pregnant wife waiting for me to coax her to sleep. For that, I had to miss the Patissier wedding cake once again (I missed it at John & Jenny's wedding last year). Who's next?

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