Sunday, October 29, 2006

Crunch Time

I am taking a break from study to blog. As some of my friends may know, I have yet to complete my degree in Computer Science at SIM. I started the course in early 2000 and I was expected to complete it within four years. However, my posting to Taipei have stretched the course by another two years. I failed a project because I forgot to submit the final assignment in 2003. I was in Taipei then studying completely through correspondences. I made a bad decision to take up 'Artificial Intelligence' in 2004 and I flunked the exam. I skipped the resit in 2005 knowing very well I would failed again. Now I am taking 'Computer Communications' and the exam is once again looming in late November 2006.

This is crunch time for me. Fatherhood may be delightful but it is certainly time intensive. Besides taking care of Shanle and his mother, my wife, I have to plan Shanle's 1st Month celebration. I'll be resuming work tomorrow and there are loads of work to clear after the nearly two weeks break. This is really a test of my wit and perseverance. I hope I can pass the exam and complete the course but I have little confidence as I struggled with the first two questions of this third assignment. Two down and two more to go... back to the books now!

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