Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Shanle is back home

Good news! Shanle's jaundice index has fallen to 10.3 this morning. Doc discharged the little fellow and I went to collect him shortly after lunch. He definitely looked less yellowish than the day before. Just in case the jaundice returns, I dropped by the electrical shop to buy a pair of flourescent lights and extension cord. After I got home, I immediately installed the lightings on the baby cot.

Shanle apparently enjoyed his first 10 minutes of DIY phototherapy, stretching and punching the air throughout the therapy session. Doc advised that he be sun-bathed at least 10 miuntes on the front and another 10 minutes on the back everyday. If the jaundice remains under control this Friday, we can stop giving him light. He's doing great now... and sound asleep.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kee Chor and Irene,

Congrats on the arrival of cute Shanle!!!! Though we are thousand miles apart, we have been loyally following your blog every now and then on your latest joy and happiness. We like the name Shanle too; it is very meaning.

All the best to the new member in your family and happy parenthood!

Sylvia Lee & Jimmy

Anonymous said...

Dear KC & Irene,

I am so envious of Shan-Le for having such dotting parents like you two! Keep up the good work and remember - I am monitoring this blog closely!

Congrats again!

Just me,
Adeline Goh

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