Thursday, October 26, 2006

Insurance for Shanle

Today is my second day of paternity leave. I went to work in the morning anyway because I have to give a briefing for a colleague going on posting soon. The briefing did not materialised because my colleague thought I was on leave and did not turn up in the office. It's just another miscommunication. Anyway, I took the opportunity to clear some work and update my HR people of my new status. I also selected a gift for my newborn from my Ministry - a walker. The nicely wrapped package arrived later in the evening - amazing.

I left the office at about 12 noon and rush off to meet my friend and financial planner to finalise the insurance plans for Shanle. In the end, I bought a life plan, Child Accident Shield, Bundle of Joy, Pink of Health plus the standard Healthshield. As I have limited resources now, medical coverage will take priority over education plans. I spent quite a lot of time thinking about this well before Shanle arrived. It is not so much about protecting Shanle, but more about ensuring that I will be able to take care of his needs, if they ever arise, which I hope not. This is the same line of thought that led me to buy a life plan and the Women of Wisdom for Irene shortly after our marriage. In the face of rising medical costs, I think it is wise to insure my family as comprehensively as possible.

Of course, being a key breadwinner of the family, I have to cover myself well for the sake of my dependants. Given the tight cashflow, I will have to postpone my coverage review to probably late next year.

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