Thursday, October 26, 2006

Night Feeder

Doc is right. Shanle is a night feeder. He woke up 12 midnight crying for milk and again at 3 am. The problem is he stayed mostly awake after three until now 7 am. He was also fed at 5 am after his shrieks woke up his tired parents. He has forgotten that his father needs to go to work early this morning. So much for baby-father talk last night. He is demanding more and more milk and Irene is trying very hard to keep up. As we are supplementing with formula milk (Similac), he seems to be unwilling to suckle directly from his mother's nipple, falling into sleep in less than 10 minutes. There he goes again... crying as I blog. (Pause: went to cuddle baby) Irene's 3rd Aunt, who is helping out with the confinement, told me it's okay to let him cry for a little while as Irene prepare for another direct feed. Crying will help him grow, expand his lungs and improve blood circulation. Indeed, his face was reddened. I think we better start training him to feed in the day. Otherwise, I will lose all sleep after the confinement. Any good ideas anyone?

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