Sunday, October 08, 2006

Baby Arriving Soon... Fatherhood Imminent

In the past two months of pregnancy, Irene often said that her colleagues were wondering why her tummy was still so small. Well, I have the same question at the back of my mind. I wondered if our gynae made a mistake in his calculation and our baby was propably due much later than the original 28 Oct 2006.

Being an anxious husband and a soon-to-be father, I posed this question to our gynae last Saturday. After doing all the ultrasound scan and checks, he said that the baby was doing great, weighing 2.5kg. He estimated the baby's weight at birth to be slightly over 3kg. As for the small tummy, he explained that the 'compactness' was due to the relatively small amount of liquid in the womb. He added that this was a good thing because the baby would not 'float' around too much. Thank goodness, the baby's head is down, ready for birth.

Irene is now in her 37 weeks of pregnancy and our baby boy is mature enough for birth anytime soon. I am going to be a father! Besides learning the tricks of coaxing our baby, feeding, cleaning etc., I got to spend some time thinking about how I am going to bring up my boy. Friends, if you have some advice for me (other than 'getting enough sleep') on fatherhood, I will be grateful to read them here.

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