Wednesday, October 11, 2006

For Food Lovers

I received an email from Irene earlier this morning and it reads:

"For all you food lover out there. Tired of having the same food day after day? Now, you can plan where to have your makan outing with this comprehensive and informative web site, The Internet "Best Food Guide". This is a site that gathers all the best, delicious and tasty food which
are all favoured by Singaporeans. It will help you to navigate your makan trips via 5 different regions.

So, here is your chance to search and try out all various food to fulfill your appetite. Visit"

I paid the site a visit and I was truly amazed! I heard my stomach groan as I browse through the links. I am never going to succeed in losing weight I thought. I weight about 75 kg nowadays. That is a decent weight for my height of 173 cm. The problem is the extra fat is gathering around my waist instead of my chest and butt! I am feeling tight in my 35-inch pants. I used to be 29-inch before I left for Taipei in 2002. I thought maybe I can cut down after returning to Singapore. But the signs are not encouraging. The blame is mine alone. I was just too lazy to work out regularly. Well, after our baby is born, I will definitely join Irene in her weight-losing regime. Wish me success!

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