Monday, October 16, 2006

False Alarm

Irene woke me up from bed at 5am in the morning. 'I bled a little,' she said. She is in her 39th week of pregnancy now and the baby can be due anytime. I was fully awake with the news and quickly gave our gynae a call. I was truly sorry for waking him up this early but we need some advice quickly. Since Irene did not experience any contraction pain and her water bag was still intact, my gynae told us to stay at home first and monitor her condition. I had to take urgent leave today. I made some breakfast and scrambled to tidy up the baby room. Irene's still bleeding a little and we decided to visit our gynae. I booked a car and we quickly set off to my gynae's clinic at Thomson Plaza. It was a false alarm but the baby's head was fully engaged. Irene's cervics was closed and we were told to return home. It was exciting time. Our gynae said that Irene could be in labour anytime soon. Fatherhood is imminent!

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