Monday, October 23, 2006

Shanle Hospitalised

Our poor baby is now at Thomson Medical Centre (TMC) undergoing phototherapy to treat his jaundice. I brought him to the paediatrican this morning and the blood test recorded 14.7. Doc said that the acceptable range is 12-14. To play safe, Shanle was hospitalised. His poor mother also paid a visit to TMC earlier this morning, at around 4am. She was experiencing acute pain and itchness from the small cut made to assist her delivery. Doc said that there may be a very slight infection and sent her home with antibiotics and painkillers. She's still feeling the pain but the itchness has eased.

Shanle is doing fine except for the jaundice. His current weight is nearly back to his birth weight. The nurses said that it is normal for newborn to lose some weight in the first week. I'll be paying him a visit shortly after I finish blogging. Watch this space for updates.

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