Monday, July 09, 2007

Movie: The Transformers

Today, I took half day leave to catch The Transformers with my lovely wife, Irene, at Orchard Cineleisure. "My friend told me to watch the "digital" version of the movie" said my wife over the phone while I was on my way to Orchard. The next "digital" screening was at 3:50pm, a good two hours away. Not a problem to shop our time away as we are in Orchard.

The Transformers are my childhood idols and seeing them non-cartoon is a mind-blowing experience. The CGI animation is simply fantastic! The storyline is quite good and the romantic ending, though predictable, is nicely done too. Well, I am already looking forward for a sequel. The sight of Star Scream blusting away to space at the ending seems to point in that direction. The 2.5 hours movie is too short for any Transformers fan.

The thing about the Transformers that is puzzling me since young is the wide disparity in firepower and capabilities of the two camps. Why does the good guys have to crawling while the evil Decepticons can blaze and transform mid-air? Why does Autimus Prime, King of the Autobots, have to cushion his fall from the skyscrapers in his fight with Megatron? Not to mention about the primary weapons of the two leaders. Megatron wields a cannon while Prime can only strike in close range with his sword.


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