Saturday, October 18, 2008

Birthday Boy Sick

Today is 18 October 2008, our son's Le Le second birthday. Compared to his first birthday bash in Singapore, this birthday is starkly quiet. I was planning to celebrate his birthday with the cake cutting at home before heading out to Al-Azhar Park or Magicland for a family outing. Unfortunately, our birthday boy fell sick last night. He started vomiting in the middle of the night. He threw up a few more rounds until about 4am before going to sleep leaving his tired parents a big mess to clean up. We had to changed the bedsheets twice. He threw up a little after the morning milk but the vomiting ceased but diarrhea set in straight after. One big poo was followed by numerous liquid poos and we had to change his diapers so many times until we were both exhausted. I called our pediatrician and he prescribed some medicine for now. Hopefully, the vomiting and diarrhea will stop. Le Le is now asleep and so is his mum. I am too tired to sleep and so here I am putting this unfortunate episode on record. I think we will not be heading out today except probably to see a doctor in the evening if he does not recover well. So no birthday photos or videos to share this time round. We will definitely make it up to him next year.

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