Monday, January 01, 2007

Welcome 2007

After bidding farewell to an eventful 2006, isn't it time to welcome the year of 2007 with a list of New Year Resolutions? Well, I don't really have a habit of making New Year Resolutions. I think I will probably end up with motherhood statements that don't really mean anything. But I will try anyway.

2007 will be an important year for our young family. I just hope everyone around us stays healthy and out of hospital throughout the year. I had enough of hospital visits in 2006. Besides eating well, I got to seriously do some exercise to keep fit. I have not been exercising regularly for quite some years. My stamina is at its all time low. I will start with a twice weekly swim of 10 laps slowly increasing to 30 laps by the end of 2007. I hate jogging.

2007 is the year I am wearing the 'square hat' at the SIM convocation ceremony after attaining my degree in computer science. SIM told me the ceremony is going to be in the late part of the year. My Mum will be relieved to see me graduate. But my pursue for knowledge will not end here. In my free time, I will strive to keep up to speed with all the ICT developments and find ways to acquire skills in CRM and ERP software technology, as well as learning the .NET and Java platforms.

Attainment of my degree qualification calls for a review of my career options as well. Should I stay in MFA for job security and overseas postings or should I venture into the ICT industry where my passion lies? I will be 30 on June 24, 2007. With a family to support, a simple decision to pursue a career of my passion becomes complex. Anyway, 2007 will be a deciding year of my career.

Okay. Three resolutions will be just right. Not too many, not too few. By the end of 2007, I will look back and see if my resolutions worked.

To all friends: Happy New Year!

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