Monday, December 29, 2008

The Day for Consolidation has Arrived

Today is the Islamic New Year and a public holiday in Egypt. So here I am taking the little recious time I have to relook at my online presence. After logging into all my sites, Facebook, Blogspot and MSN Space, I asked myself why not keep everything at the same place. Well, the reasons for this decentralisation was mainly because the different sites serve my different needs The MSN Space is good for photos but not for blogging. Blogspot is good for blogging but not really engineered for photo albums. I joined Facebook much later and I thought moving everything over will be too much work.

Thinking again, I do not really have to "move" everything over. I just have to set a cut off date and start blogging and loading albums on Facebook from then. My old blogs and photo albums can remain where they are in Blogspot and MSN. There are already links to them from Facebook so my friends will still be able to dig up my past quite easily.'

So, the day for consolidation has arrived. All eggs in one basket. My slavery to Facebook is now complete. It's quite scary coming to think of it. If Facebook unplugs, I am gone as well. I hope that there are ways to backup my stuff on Facebook. This is what I have to find out next.

Anyway, this is the last blog I am posting on Blogspot. Go to my Facebook for the next posting.

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