Saturday, November 04, 2006

My Travelogue of Taiwan

Irene has fully recovered and things are back to normal again. I was busy this morning uploading the remaining 6 of the 12 albums of photos that I took during my stay in Taiwan from 2002 - 2006. I always wanted to pen down some thoughts about the various vacations I spent at the scenic places of Taiwan and also to share the photos with my friends. I think I will spend sometime each week to blog about each photo album I uploaded and the interesting encounters we had along the way. If I can find my old travel itineraries, I will be glad to share them through my blog as well.

For friends who cannot wait for my travelogue, you can visit my MSN Space to browse the photos. I have been using MSN Space for quite sometime and I beginning to find it unattractive. I have moved my blog to because MSN requires my friends to sign up before they can leave their comments. The level of flexibility to add html/javascript in MSN is also limited. I am now trying out a new website,, to host my photo albums. If it worked well, I'll move over soon and close down my MSN Space.

This is the first album loaded on Do pay a visit and let me know which photo album host you prefer. Cheers!

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