Sunday, November 12, 2006

Recovering from viral fever

I have not switched on my computer for the past three days as I was down with a viral fever since Wednesday. I went to see a nearby doc on Thursday morning. But as my fever subsided and I was allergic to most painkillers, doc sent me home with a day's rest. The fever came back soon and it went up to 38.8 deg C by the same evening. I went to another doc in the same neighbourhood to get some medication. The new doc gave me some antibiotics, Vitamin C and some doses of Tramadol, the only painkiller I wasn't allergic to. But Tramadol did not appear to kill my headache and it got really bad the next day. The fever was gone by Friday but the headache lingered. By Saturday, I have no choice but to revert to Traditional Chinese Medicine. My father-in-law drove to to a Makuang Clinic in Yishun and the sinseh gave my some powder medication to ease my headache. It worked wonders. I woke up today clear of the headache. Still, I am feeling weak from the ailment. I think it is time to kickstart my regular workout. This laziness and 'no time for exercises' excuse will not do me any good.

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